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Pet Dental Care Tips

2013-01-26T10:42:50-05:00January 26th, 2013|McGregor News|

Yellow teeth and plaque buildup mean a trip to the vet for annual teeth cleaning Chew on this...did you know that 8 out of every 10 pets over the age of three suffers from gum (periodontal) disease?  Proper prevention and dental treatment is necessary, without it your pets can suffer from tooth decay, [...]

Special Offer: Purina Hydration Hay & Equine Supplements

2013-01-23T13:53:37-05:00January 23rd, 2013|McGregor News|

Take advantage of Purina's SPECIAL OFFER on the New Hydration Hay and Equine Joint Supplements. Save up to $20 on these great products, download HERE. Stop by McGregor General Store for Hydration Hay and the new Joint Supplements like Freedomflex, Electroease and Hydrasalt.  [jwplayer mediaid="2145"] [jwplayer mediaid="2146"]

Baby Chicks

2013-01-21T11:47:31-05:00January 21st, 2013|McGregor News, Past Events|

Stop by McGregor General Store for all your chicken supplies like chick feeders, waterers, heat lamps and more! Chick Arrival Dates: February 19th Barred Rock Pullets, Buff Orpington Pullets, Sil Wyandotee Pullets, Ameraucana Pullets,  Black Aust Pullets February 26th Ideal 236 Pullets, Rhode Island Red Pullets, Barred Rock Pullets, Black Aust Pullets, Ameraucana Pullets, Production Red [...]

Fruit Trees at McGregor!

2013-01-16T14:32:59-05:00January 16th, 2013|McGregor News|

It's that time of year again, fruit trees are for sale and ready for a new home! At McGregor you will find a variety of fruit trees like plum, peach, pear, fig and more! If you don't find the tree you need, special orders are always available! Visit us today and plant your 2013 fruit [...]

McLennan County Junior Livestock Show

2013-01-09T10:32:13-05:00January 9th, 2013|McGregor News, Past Events|

Make your way to the McLennan County Junior Livestock Show and Youth Fair  on February 5-8 at the Extraco Events Center.  Check out the schedule below: MCJLS Schedule MCJLS Rules & Regulations Looking for new clothes and equipment for the Livestock Show?  Stop by McGregor General Store for all your livestock and show supplies! We [...]

Onion Sets at McGregor!

2013-01-07T16:45:36-05:00January 7th, 2013|McGregor News|

Stop by McGregor General Store for your onion sets! We have red, yellow and white! Do you know how to plant your onion sets? Check out these planting tips below! Onions are a great cold season crop, they are easy to grow because of their durability. We recommend using onion sets, which can be planted without [...]

BIG Conference to feature cattle herd rebuilding strategies, farm legislation update

2013-01-04T12:34:49-05:00January 4th, 2013|McGregor News, Past Events|

Tips on rebuilding Texas cattle herds and an update on livestock traceability will be featured topics at the 51st Blackland Income Growth Conference scheduled Feb. 4-6 at the Extraco Events Center in Waco. The center is located at 4601 Bosque Blvd. “We think we have something for everyone, and producers will take home plenty of [...]

Protection and Support for Optimal Joint Health

2013-01-04T10:44:12-05:00January 4th, 2013|McGregor News|

Receive up to $20 OFF Purina's New Equine Supplements here.   Daily exercise and the rigors of competition are some of the most common causes of joint injuries in horses, injuries which can lead to a considerable amount of lost training time. While a horse’s body has a tremendous capacity for repair, it is not [...]

Chicken Coop Give-Away!

2013-01-02T13:47:01-05:00January 2nd, 2013|McGregor News|

Purina and Mother Earth News Magazine are teaming up for the Chick 'n Coop Giveaway! You could win one year’s supply of Purina® Layena® Omega-3 Feed, the “Elizabeth” chicken coop provided by The Green Chicken Coop, a flock of chickens and a $100 gift card provided by Stromberg's Chicks and Game Birds - all valued at more [...]

New Store Hours

2013-01-02T11:54:37-05:00January 2nd, 2013|McGregor News|

With the new year comes many changes. Please make note of our 2013 updated store hours at McGregor General Store. We will be closing at 6:30 pm Monday through Friday instead of 7 pm.  Happy New Year! Store Hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 6:30 pm Saturday &  Sunday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm