chicken kooler and feederThe easiest and cleanest way to water your flock has finally been invented with the Chick Kooler.  Never again will you have to stop and wash out your waterer. Clean water is crucial for healthier chickens, better quality eggs, higher egg production, and cleaner meat. The Chicken Kooler chicken waterer is BPA FREE. So if good health and eggs are important to you the Chicken Kooler is your answer. 

The Chicken Feeder is also a BPA Free hanging feeder that will save your feed because it will stay dry and rodent free.  The Chicken Feeder features a translucent bucket that allows you to monitor the level of feed, an easy access lid which makes it easy to add feed, a level hanger that gives a center point of hanging for the feeder, a yellow funnel to help you add the feed, and a divided deep well eating tray.

Stop by McGregor General Store and let us show you both today. You’ll want one of each for your flock.