antlermax bar noneIt’s not only spring, it is also antler growth season! Want to see the growth and size of your deer explode?  Try using what the professional deer breeders are using, Purina Antlermax.  This year, fill your protein deer feeders up with what is proven to grow big deer, improve antler size and mass, and improve body condition.  AntlerMax is highly palatable, has a strong flavor that attracts deer and elk and should be fed from February through August. Find out more about all the AntlerMax products on their website here.

deer feeders 9Stop in to McGregor General Store today and we’ll load you up.  Or, if you prefer we’ll deliver it both in bagged and bulk, but don’t forget your feeder! We sell made in Texas, All Seasons FeedersAll Seasons Wildlife Feeders are built to hold up to the harshest environments Mother Nature has to offer. These protein feeders are designed with a 4 way protein head that is weather and varmint resistant with a lid that makes filling the feeder easy.