At McGregor General Store, we are proud of all our hard working & passionate customers!! Meet Makenzie Dunbar, a 5th grader on the Crawford Jr. FFA Team!  Read about her successful adventure  full of hard work and successful shows with her goats written by her biggest fan, her Mom, Shelley Dunbar.

“Makenzie is on her 3rd year showing market goats for the Crawford Jr. FFA Team. She begged to show goats after a visit to the Heart of Texas Fair & Rodeo on LAMB and GOAT Showing day! We told her she was too young and that maybe “someday.” I think she asked us every month from then on “Can I get a goat yet?” Finally, at the beginning of 3rd grade, they announced that you could begin showing for the Jr. FFA. So, we got her ONE goat. That ONE goat named Pepper, went on to win the OVERALL RESERVE Grand Champion at the McLennan County Jr. Livestock show in 2011. The next year, she wanted FOUR goats. They were the “Swamp Goats” and the names were Mitch, Glenn, Willie and Troy! She qualified for the sale of champions at the 2012 MCJLS with Glen and Willie! She also won the Junior Showmanship Buckle. She went on to compete at the San Antonio Livestock show with Glen, but did not make the sale.

So far, the 2012-2013 show season has been the best yet! She has won Junior Showmanship in 6 out of 8 shows capping off her season with another buckle at the 2013 MCJLS! This year, she has the “Goat DYNASTY.” Si, Jase and Cletus! (Can you tell what kind of shows this kid likes??)

We traveled to numerous jackpot shows in between softball tournaments. She placed 1st or 2nd in almost every show she entered. She was Overall Reserve Grand Champ at the 2012 Go Texan Show and in Glen Rose & was both the Light Weight and Medium Weight Reserve Grand Champion. She qualified for the Sale of Champions this year with ALL THREE of her goats which very few have ever done. Cletus and Si placed FIRST in their class and Jase placed 2nd in his class. Her favorite award though, was the 2013 Junior Goat Showmanship award Buckle! She has won it TWO years in a row! Makenzie is a hard worker and you can tell in the ring that she works with her goats every day. When she enters the ring, it is “GAME ON” as she says. She is a great showman and has learned so much about the agricultural industry. Her favorite place to shop is the McGregor General Store and she is basically there every week buying something for her goats. FFA has taught her so much about responsibility and has also helped her start a nice little college fund. She purchases her goats from her previous year’s earnings and has even been able to purchase ½ interest in an air conditioned goat trailer. (We own the other half of course) When my husband is traveling, I never have to worry about the goats because Makenzie works with them every day and knows what to do. She carefully measures the feed and supplements and basically would not want me to “mess anything up” anyway! This year, she will be taking her goat Si to the Houston Livestock show and her goat Cletus to the Star of Texas (Rodeo Austin). We are excited to see how her and her goat dynasty will do in the 2 major shows! The Crawford FFA show Team is an amazing group of kids that work hard and see much successful because of their hard work. For such a small town and small school, when people hear CRAWFORD is coming to the show, you better watch out! We are out to win it all!”

Shelley Dunbar
Waco, Texas