Stop by McGregor General Store for your onion sets! We have red, yellow and white! Do you know how to plant your onion sets?

Check out these planting tips below!

Onions are a great cold season crop, they are easy to grow because of their durability. We recommend using onion sets, which can be planted without worry of frost damage and have a higher success rate than direct onion seed or transplants.

Planting Yellow Onion Sets: 

  • You can plant your onion sets as soon as your soil allows you to, try to avoid planting them in a dry bed.
  • Plant onion sets 4 inches apart in rows about 1 foot apart.
  • Plant them to where only the very tips of the sets are just showing through the soil.
  • Dig a hole in the soil with a trowel and place them in the hole with their necks at the top.
  • Do not push them into the soil as they may grow out of the soil as the season progresses.
  • Leave enough space in the rowes for weeding, you don’t want your onions to have to compete for nutrients with the weeds.
  • Keep the birds away from your newly planted onion sets with some type of protection, they have a tendency to lift you young crops right out of the soil.
  • Give your onions as long as possible to reach their maximum size.
  • The onion bulb will be mature when the foliage turns yellow and begins to tip over, but leave them for another couple of weeks before lifting out of the soil.
  • When your onions are fully ripe, choose a dry day and they will lift easily from the ground by hand.
  • Dry them and allow approximately 2-4 weeks for them to properly cure.
  • Now they are ready for your kitchen!
  • If your onions have developed thick ‘necks’ over the growing season, use them right away because they will not store well and will rot quickly.