chicks ducks geese New baby chicks, ducks and geese will continue to arrive at Bar None Country Store for the spring in April and into May. We have everything you need to care for your flock too: chick starter, heat lamps and bulbs, feeders, waterers and much much more!

ducksHere are our the rest of the expected delivery dates and breed information from the hatchery. All dates are subject to change based on breed hatch dates.


Tuesday, April 11 –

  • Golden Sex Link Pullets
  • New Hampshire Red Pullets
  • Hatchery Choice Duck Straight Runs
  • Hatchery Choice Goose Straight Runs

Thursday, April 13 –

  • Production Black Pullets
  • Ast Frizzle Cochin Bantam Straight Runs

Thursday, April 27 –

  • Rare Breed Special Pullets
  • New Hampshire Red Pullets
  • Black Aust Pullets
  • Buff Orpington Pullets

Thursday, May 4 –

  • Rhode Island Red Pullets
  • Barred Rock Pullets
  • Buff Orpington Pullets
  • Ameraucana Pullets