How to Protect Your Birds

2019-02-12T12:12:56-06:00February 20th, 2015|Articles|

Here are a few tips to get you started on caring for your flock or new baby chick. Learn how to protect them from infectious diseases. Call or stop by McGregor General Store with any questions. We are always happy to help! 1. Keep Your Distance Restrict access to your property and birds. Consider fencing [...]

Who Are You? Identifying Backyard Birds

2019-02-12T12:21:23-06:00March 10th, 2012|Articles|

When you first notice the bright-colored yellow and black bird in your yard, all you can do is admire it.  However, when you learn that the bird is an Evening Grosbeak, you’ll know that a simple tube feeder with Black-oil Sunflower seeds will keep him coming back.  Being able to identify the birds that frequent [...]

The Season Survivors

2019-02-12T12:25:18-06:00March 10th, 2012|Articles|

This winters season has been quite a knockout! From torrential down pours in the west to snow and ice in the east – everyone has been up against some fierce competition dodging the elements. So, how are our feathered friends doing? Tim Kiladze of just announced America’s Top 10 Worst Weather Cities this year [...]

Preparing for Spring Bird Feeding

2019-02-12T12:23:48-06:00March 10th, 2012|Articles|

  As the weather grows warmer and the days grow longer, some familiar faces will begin appearing in your yard. Migrating birds such as hummingbirds, sparrows, swallows, martins and larks will be returning soon, and it’s time to prepare your garden and yard for your feathered friends. Make sure your feeders are clean: Use a [...]

Prep Your Pad for Fall Feathered Friends

2019-02-12T12:24:07-06:00March 10th, 2012|Articles|

Fall migration is a great time for birders. We tend to see more birds mainly because birds born in spring and summer are now heading south with all the other birds. Migration is also a time for us bird watchers to notice varieties we normally do not see. Because of the hurricane season, these strong [...]

Wild Bird Etiquette

2019-02-12T12:24:21-06:00March 10th, 2012|Articles|

Birds have behaviors just as we do, but if you’ve ever observed them “behaving” you know that some of their actions are just baffling! Bathing in the Dust Have you ever witnessed a bird “bathing” in dust? Believe it or not, birds will often do this to either reduce moisture, align feather barbs (a series [...]

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