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Fly Control Cattle Mineral

2022-04-05T15:10:34-05:00April 4th, 2022|Cattle, McGregor News|

Now is the right time to focus on controlling flies around your livestock. Horn flies are the MOST costly external parasites of cattle as they each take 20-30 blood meals PER day. Don't let these pesky creatures diminish your cattle profits by causing undue stress. Break their life cycle and keep them from feasting on [...]

NEW! Manna Pro Force Fly Control

2019-02-13T08:39:02-06:00July 3rd, 2015|McGregor News|

By now, we all know that flies and insects will be worse than normal this year due to all the rain we've had so far in 2015.  Let us help.   Stop in to McGregor General Store and check out a new line of fly control products we have to combat flies on your horses, Manna [...]

Purina Fly Control Mineral Tubs

2019-02-13T09:41:57-06:00April 3rd, 2015|McGregor News|

Think ahead and prevent flies from raiding your cattle. McGregor General Store offers Purina’s Wind & Rain Fly Control Mineral Tubs to decrease the fly population around your cattle. We have them in 125lb. and 225lb. tubs. Purina’s Wind and Rain® Fly Control minerals are designed to reduce fly populations. Flies cause significant discomfort for [...]

Quick Tips for Controlling Flies

2019-02-13T09:43:49-06:00March 10th, 2012|Articles|

Now is the time to map out your fly control program. Horn flies normally begin showing up in spring when average daily temperatures reach 65º F for a period of two weeks.  They remain a nuisance until cool weather in late fall or early winter.  Here are four quick tips to help you develop an [...]

Taking The Bite Out of Horn Fly Losses With Mineral Additives

2019-02-13T09:42:41-06:00March 10th, 2012|Articles|

One of the things beef producers dread most about the coming warm weather is the advent of troublesome horn flies. These insects are annoying, to be sure.  But, they are more than just pests, they are really “obligate parasites,”  who must stay with –and live off of- their host in order to survive.  They feed [...]

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