Now is the Time: Ryegrass and Oats

2019-09-25T15:00:30-05:00September 20th, 2019|McGregor News|

October is the time to start thinking about over seeding with ryegrass. Over seeding with ryegrass continues to be an effective means to reduce feed costs and carry your livestock through the winter months.  McGregor General Store has what you need.  For lawn over seeding to pasture over seeding for livestock grazing, we have the [...]

Don’t Bag It : Lawn Care Plan for Texas

2019-02-13T10:29:01-06:00March 4th, 2016|Articles|

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, McLennan County Office just released a "Don't Bag It" Lawn Care Plan. This lawn care plan will save you time, energy and money too! Follow this plan and never bag grass clippings again!  Most people like a beautiful, green lawn and often use more fertilizer and water than necessary.  For [...]

Over Seeding with Ryegrass

2019-02-13T09:39:04-06:00October 1st, 2015|McGregor News|

What a crazy summer!  So much rain and not so many days above 100 degrees.  It was not that long ago the 100+ degree days went weeks before the record broke.  Though the cooler days and rainfall have kept pastures greener this year, one still must think of over seeding.  Over seeding with ryegrass continues to [...]

Nolo Bait for Grasshopper Control

2019-02-13T10:25:29-06:00May 4th, 2015|McGregor News|

Nolo Bait, GRASSHOPPER SPORE, Nosema locustae is a microsporidial parasite which affects only grasshoppers (58 species) and some crickets, by infecting their fat bodies. It will not harm humans, pets, barnyard animals or wildlife.  Don't wait until grasshoppers are munching your crops in mid-summer to make the first application!  Nolo Bait takes a little time to work [...]

Now is the Time : Winterizer

2019-02-13T10:25:59-06:00October 6th, 2014|McGregor News|

Winterizer for your lawn is here. Help your lawn establish and maintain a strong root system throughout the harsh winter months.  It promotes earlier spring greening of grass and darker green spring color. One 40 lb. bag will cover approximately 7,200 square feet.

Spring Pests Arriving Soon

2019-02-13T10:26:28-06:00March 26th, 2014|McGregor News|

Tis the start of the bug season. Some of the first bugs to make an appearance in early spring are the swarming insects.  Carpenter and fire ants and of course, termites are usually the first to show up. None should be taken for granted. As always it is better to be proactive than reactive. Keep the [...]

Understanding Fertilizer

2019-02-13T10:27:24-06:00February 27th, 2014|Articles|

For those of you who tested your soil this spring, and for those who didn’t, it’s time to pick the proper fertilizer for the lawn. The most important component of the fertilizer is nitrogen (the first number in fertilizer). We all need to apply nitrogen a couple of times a year. Nitrogen is used for [...]

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