Purina Rangeland 25N Protein Tub

2019-02-13T09:35:44-06:00June 1st, 2017|McGregor News|

It is June and available pasture grass will get scarcer and scarcer as the weather outside heats up. The Purina Mills Rangeland 25N Protein Tub is an all natural product with 25% Protein and 5% Fat. RangeLand Protein Tubs are a free choice supplement designed for beef cattle on forage diets providing less than 8% [...]

The Benefit of Liquid Feed

2019-02-13T09:25:29-06:00October 2nd, 2016|Articles, McGregor News|

The quality of your forage will start declining as grass starts drying up this fall. An excellent way for cattle to get the protein they need is with liquid feed. Purina's Accuration Range Liquid Feed is a perfect supplement to your grazing cattle. The key to this feeding program being successful, is to get your cattle started [...]

New Purina Organic Chicken Feed

2019-02-13T09:55:32-06:00February 24th, 2016|McGregor News|

It's here!!! NEW Purina Organic Chicken Feed! NO GMOs, NO animal by-products, NO artificial preservatives, and like all other Purina chicken feeds, NO growth hormones. The complete line of certified USDA Organic chicken feeds are made with all the ingredients you want and none of those you don’t.  What does it mean to be organic? "Organic ingredients [...]

Thanks for Giving : Purina Exclusive Pet Food

2019-02-13T10:49:58-06:00November 18th, 2015|McGregor News|

Now is the time to buy and try Purina Exclusive® pet food.  During our "Thanks for Giving" promotion, current Exclusive® customers receive a coupon for $7.50 off their next bag (any size) of Exclusive® pet food.  Bonus, they'll also receive a coupon for $5.00 OFF to give to a friend!!  This is our way of thanking [...]

Include Minerals in Your Cattle Nutrition Plan

2019-02-13T09:41:16-06:00May 2nd, 2015|McGregor News|

Wind & Rain (or shine), we've got what you need at McGregor General Store! Beef cattle prices continue to be very high. Your cattle might be in good health and you are probably going to get a good return, but with a nutrition program that includes essential cattle minerals, you could improve that return even [...]

Start Earning Purina Bucks!

2019-02-13T08:46:53-06:00October 23rd, 2014|McGregor News|

Start earning Purina Bucks on November 3, with every purchase of Purina Horse Feed at McGregor General Store. For every bag you purchase, you'll get 100 Purina Bucks! Qualified horse feed purchase includes the full lines of: Strategy, Ultium, Equine Senior, Senior Active, Omolene, and Impact. Collect as many bucks as possible during our promotion period, [...]

Deer Health and Nutrition Tips during Antler Growth Season

2019-02-13T10:17:50-06:00May 9th, 2014|Articles|

So much of what we do in the care and feeding of deer passes relatively unnoticed in the short term. But antler growth season is when “instant gratification” seekers can practically see results occur right before their eyes. Growing at a rate of half an inch per day, antlers are some of the fastest growing [...]

Purina Impact Horse Feed

2019-02-13T09:00:59-06:00January 1st, 2014|McGregor News|

What are you feeding your horse(s)? Consider moving them up to Purina Impact horse feed. With more than 85 years of research behind them, Purina Impact horse feed offers the following benefits: Formulated by Ph.D. Equine Nutritionists for Optimal Nutrition High Quality Protein for Muscle Maintenance Added Fat for Sustainable Energy & Healthy Hair Coat Vitamin & Mineral [...]

A Home for Every Horse Promotion!

2019-02-13T09:21:21-06:00July 17th, 2012|McGregor News|

Help us share the news! Purina Horse feed  giving away $125,000 of free feed to 501(c)(3) rescue shelters as part of A Home for Every Horse! This helpful flyer explains how rescues can take advantage of this donation. 501(c)(3) rescue shelters have until August 17, 2012 to email their 501(c)(3) forms to orders@equine.com or fax [...]

Get to Know Purina Rabbit Chow

2019-02-13T10:51:10-06:00May 1st, 2012|McGregor News|

Purina® Rabbit Chow™ Fibre3® Formula Natural AdvantEdge® is a natural*, corn-free rabbit feed that provides superior nutrition for rabbits of all ages. It helps younger rabbits get a great start and helps older rabbits maintain ideal body weight. Free of all fillers, preservatives and artificial colors, Fibre3® Formula Natural AdvantEdge® Rabbit Feed provides complete nutrition, [...]

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